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Chapel is held regularly for all students, at which time special speakers and music are presented. Chapel is held on Wednesdays for the elementary school, middle school, and high school. All students must meet the specific dress code for chapel. Parents are welcome to attend chapel, but must check in with the office prior to attending.

Social Activities

In the elementary grades, there may be classroom observances of special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. If the office and the teacher are notified in advance, parents of elementary students may bring refreshments for the entire class on a child’s birthday. No gifts are to be given at school. In grades 6 through 12, there may be parties from time to time that have been approved by the administration.


Students are expected to participate in school programs (school night, musical concerts, school carnival, open house, etc.), and they are expected to learn their parts and be prompt. A student can derive much benefit from such opportunities, not the least of which is learning to be reliable. All NVBS students are required to attend each school program, whether or not they have a special part in the program. Specific clothing may be required for participants.


At the end of the school year, a formal graduation will be held for students graduating from kindergarten, eighth grade, and twelfth grade. Graduation is a dignified occasion. Clothing worn by graduates from each class must be approved by the administration. Attendance at each ceremony is mandatory for all NVBS students.


Each year, a homecoming king and queen from the senior class and a prince and princess from each class are recognized at a scheduled varsity basketball game. The student body officers and their adviser make plans for homecoming. An election is held for the homecoming king, queen, princes, and princesses two weeks prior to the homecoming event. The homecoming festivities immediately follow the game.

Dress Standards

The purpose of these guidelines established by the administration for the appearance of each student is not to legislate morality, which must come from the heart, but to encourage Christian young people to be concerned with the Biblical principal of modesty.

Each student should exemplify in conduct and appearance what the model NVBS student should be. Not only does this include his appearance on school campus or during the school day, but this also includes his appearance at church (Sundays, Wednesdays, and special meetings), home, and anywhere else.

Uniform Guidelines

NVBS enforces a uniform dress code that is to be worn to school on a daily basis with no exceptions. Uniforms must be purchased through Bancroft Uniforms of San Leandro, CA. For your convenience, Bancroft sets up the uniform store at our school every four months. You will be given prior notice for every uniform sale. The uniform schedule must be followed.